About ShannonRawls™

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The ShannonRawls™ brand is more than the exquisite fashion pieces it has come to be known for, but also a hub for amazing people to congregate and absorb & share their wealth of knowledge in living a high class lifestyle.

Make It Make Sense...

How is your wardobe looking? Let's get it together, today. The ShannonRawls™ Brand is growing to be one of the most sought after contemporary brands catering to the modern man & woman. Distinguishably swank, ShannonRawls™ designs are constantly inspired by the pop-cultured fashionista and fashionisto lifestyle and their cultivated way of life. ShannonRawls™ has emerged as a high-class clothing, accessory & lifestyle brand.

What We Do...

  • Fashion & Style: We make & merchandise really amazing looking & feeling clothes for humans to wear. 
  • Lifestyle: Through our private community and public podcasts, we oftentimes make people better people.
  • Production: On occasion we produce really cool motion pictures with great storylines for people to enjoy.
I recently stumbled upon Shannon and was instantly captivated by their unparalleled commitment to pushing the boundaries of streetwear. This clothing line exudes a unique and innovative style, with each piece showcasing bold but subdued colors, unconventional patterns, and avant-garde designs. What sets them apart is their ability to blend cutting-edge techniques with wearability, making every garment feel like a work of art that's both fashionable and functional. I highly recommend exploring what SR has to offer.


Nordstrom, buyer

In all, the wild collection of Shannon Rawls classy hats is another bold rendition of style, displaying the awe-inspiring impact of designs for today's collection of headwear.


HypeBeast, editor

SHAN!!! Thank you babes. You came through in the clutch for my show. The PU$$Y design you sent me was extra fly for my performance. Thank you!



Meet The Magicians

Shannon Rawls
Creative Director
Aaron L.
Production Manager
Marvelette C.
Inventory Manager
Shenay R.
Shipping Manager
Aisha D.
Advertising Manager
Julie K.
Advertising Manager
Mosi O.
Social Media Manager
Raphaela J. R.
Accounting Manager
Denise T.
Customer Service Manager