November 2023

4-Week Low Carb

Habit Reform
Fat Loss
Digestive System Rebuild
Money Saver
28 Days
Habit Reform
Fat Loss
Digestive System Rebuild
Money Saver
28 Days

Let’s detox from all these processed sugars.

Sugar in a babies brain is called ADHD.

Sugar in an adults brain is called Dementia.

Sugar in an adults brain is called Alzheimers.

Sugar in your eyes is called Glaucoma.

Sugar in your teeth is called Cavities.

Sugar on your skin is called Aging.

Sugar in your sleep is called Insomnia.

Sugar in your blood is called Diabetes.

Excess sugar in your body is called Cancer.

4-Weeks of Low Sugar

For an entire month your diet will be specifically selected.

Everything Improves

Without any additional effort, your numbers will be better. (no extra workouts)

Body Change In 30 Days

compare   ━━ before & after
Join us for 1-month in making a NOTICEABLY SEXY and measurable change in your body shape in 4-weeks.

Individuals on a low-carbohydrate diet (similar to Keto, Atkins, South Beach, Paleo & Dukan) can lose an average of 10-12 pounds in their first month if they stay consistent with the diet and maintain a calorie deficit.

Lower Carbohydrate Intake -85 %
Lower Sugar Intake -75 %

Ease into low-carb eating in just 4 weeks. This challenge will help you slowly scale back on carbs in a healthy and sustainable way. Build new habits one day at a time while following a specific meal plan. By Day 28, you'll be able to confidently plan and cook low-carb meals and choose foods that fuel your body best.

Duration: 28 days

Date: October 29th - November 24th

Difficulty: Beginner

Commitment: Daily


• Your calorie goal is between 1200 and 2200 calories.

• Your goal is weight loss or weight maintenance.

• You're new to a low-carb eating pattern.

• You've tried low carb before and had trouble feeling full or getting enough fiber.

• You are not a vegetarian (recipes in this Plan include meat and dairy)


• You will go grocery shopping using my provided shopping list of exact items to purchase that you will prepare at home in advance. If you are a chronic fast-food eater, you will spend 1/3 of the money you normally spend for a month of fast food. Only now, your food will actually be healthy.

• You will follow 28 days of low-carb eating and learning using the provided meal plan.

• You will gradually change what you eat. Shop, plan, and cook from a variety of recipes each week.

• Plan meals that fit your goals.

• Learn all about low carbohydrates. Master the basics, and get expert tips on how to eat enough fiber and choose nutrient-dense, filling carb sources.

• Evaluate and adapt. Learn how to track your progress and listen to your body's cues --- adjust what, when, and how much you eat.


Start with us in the beginning because this challenge plans that Days 2, 7, 14, and 21 fall on a day we go grocery shopping. You should be able to meal prep for about an hour on Days 7, 14, and 21 as well.

No deviations! You must purchase, prepare & eat only the daily food items Mr. Shannon outlines during the challenge. Chat with Mr. Shannon and others for viable for substitutes to accommodate allergies & vegans. You must also set your alarm reminders to eat during the prescribed times.

Tap in with other participants in our Facebook group where we discuss tips, trick and share photos and other motivating information like simultaneous daily workouts.

Week 1

Learn your optimal carbohydrate intake and prepare low-carb lunches

Week 2

Prepare low-carb snacks and lunch

Week 3

Add breakfast and pre-workout snacks to your meal planning schedule

Week 4

Add dinner and post-workout snacks to your meal planning schedule


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Join a team of highly motivated individuals who push each other & take accountability in their diet. If you're a "NO EXCUSES" type of person, then sign up today!

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