Rw 22 • Good things happen to good people.

February 28, 2019
Posted in RAW Wisdom

Rw 22 • Good things happen to good people.

This is not up for debate!

The people that go through the toughest struggles, who can’t catch a break, always having some sort of accident, problems at work all the time, things didn’t go as planned, they get exited about something or someone and they don’t understand why it doesn’t work out for them, can’t keep true friends and the ones they have ain’t shit or only want something but never offer or sew into their lives, or it’s hard to make new friends despite how hard he tries because for some weird cosmic reason people end up not liking them or being around them, co-workers don’t like to do lunch with them or enjoy their presence in the break room, appointments are always canceled, food always spoils, they always get bad service, phone won’t stay charged, people always cancel their plans with them…
Those are bad people.

Unfortunately these same people don’t correlate their issues with themselves. And that’s because these folk are usually the extremely selfish & inconsiderate type who place their own feelings above all others. And if something ain’t working out in life, to them it’s always someone else’s fault, never theirs.

Be a good person. Even if it feels weird. Even if you think you’ll be laughed at or get in trouble. Because if you don’t…. bad things will always happen to you. Forever.

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