Tall women like a long sweater. Petite women like a sweater dress. I made this piece to make everybody happy.

  • WHO:


  • WHAT:

    the "Sweet Sunrise" sweater

  • WHEN:

    November 28, 2017

  • Design by:

    Mr. Shannon W. Rawls

The Inspiration

It wasn’t hard to realize the basic hoodie is getting played out. I felt it was time to ad a little twist the the standard heather sports grey look, remove the hoodie and add a little twist. That’s where the sleeve detail comes in on this piece.

As I was measuring out the pattern, i realized it’d be better served if the piece was elongated so it can serve 2 purposes… a dress or a casual coverup. And voila, here we are!

The Project

The process on this piece wasn’t too hard to knock out. I detest the old box sleeve design that you see on most sweatshirts. Especially for women. It just seems too bulky and not very refined in my opinion, hence the reason I ensured we’d go with the raglan sleeves you see here.

I did intentionally make the laces extra long as they come to an end on the criss-cross design. Why? Because the sleeves are about 1.5″ longer than expected so in the even a petite woman wants this, she can wrap them on her wrists to not look silly. See, there’s a method to my madness. 🙂

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