Take a moment and imagine the difficulty it is to create a completely see-through dress with the thinnest of fabric…Well, yea I did that and it came out beautiful.

  • WHO:


  • WHAT:

    the "Oh My Oh My" bodycon dress

  • WHEN:

    December 13, 2016

  • Design by:

    Mr. Shannon W. Rawls

The Inspiration

I think it was 2006, myself and my good friend & music executive Al Keys (along with a few of his artists) drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the MAGIC convention. He and I were considering partnering up on a fashion venture back then and we wanted to get away and party that weekend. Our wives were totally okay with it, so off we went.

While chillin’ at one of the after parties I distinctly remember a crew of women step out of a limousine wearing what I suppose was a dress but not really. It was completely see through sheer. And to my surprise they only had panties on, so them them titties were on full display. The sexual shock only lasted about 30 seconds but I was intrigued by the design and knew I wanted to make one a bit more chic that would go well with a satin undies set.

Fast forward 10 years, and here we are.

The Project

When I decided to start the monoKhrome brand, I knew since it was going to be a brann that sold garments predominantly the color black, that it needed some major shock value during its debut.

Finding the fabric was a feat in and of itself because I wanted the dress to come in a S-M-L size run and therefore it needed to have some stretch properties to it. Also I wanted a fair amount of cover-up so as to leave the mind staring at the woman if worn at night wondering what’s underneath.

Once we accomplished that the next hurdle was getting it to stitch without ripping but using a stitch pattern that concealed the seams. After about 6 prototypes we finally nailed it. It wasn’t until the very last cut that we added the mock neck. So glad we did that.

Customers absolutely LOVED this piece and we couldn’t keep them in stock. I may have to do a re-release on this one for Winter 2019. Hmmmmm…

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