I love what I do!


Another Beautiful Website

Bold, clean, modern and timeless design.


I really hate building websites, LOL. I’ve made so many since 1999 that I’m just over it. So when I say “I love what I do” I’m strictly speaking of the joy I get from clients when they see their new design.

This is actually the second revision I’ve done for the K+C firm. Their old site was outdated and needed a modern facelift. This time instead of the dark and lonely look we went with from 2014, we brightened things up drastically and went with a lighter more vibrant color palette.

Also since the firm has expanded their services from only drawings and decorating to now include full interior design & construction there were more pages that needed to be added with the breakdown of each aspect that. The portfolio section is what I’m most proud of because now they can just send prospective clients to their website to get that major “WOW!” factor as they now can beautifully showcase their work.

I no longer build websites for people as a profession. I stopped doing that about 15 years ago, but I owed the owner a solid, so I knocked this one out for them for free instead of having to pay someone else $3,000 bucks to do it. They’re pretty happy with the results.

– Mr. Shan

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