Men take selfies too, lol

August 16, 2019
August 16, 2019 Shannon Rawls

Men take selfies too, lol

Why can’t we capture our own images just like women do? We can! And just to prove it, I’m taking one this morning on Friday August 16th! lol

Self love is not exclusive to women only. Men love themselves too, ya know! lol Now while I agree men have no business stealing the mirror or spending hours in the bathroom getting dressed to go out, we still do appreciate ourselves and occasionally wanna capture the moment when nobody is around to snap a pic for us.

Also… do you realize how BADLY I WISH there were more photos of my grandfather? heck, my father for that matter….. As I get older and move on, I want my children and children children to know about ole’ Shan as much as possible. See me as much as possible. Be able to remember dad as best as possible.

So yea, selfies are for guys too!

– Mr. Shan