Ciara L. Lee @ the Talking RAW² Podcast #1

September 1, 2020

Ciara L. Lee @ the Talking RAW² Podcast #1

Originally from Omaha Nebraska but currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Ciara has a background in concert management which led her to get a degree and start her own boutique entertainment PR firm. She’s been featured in in several’s music videos among the greats and is currently an independent artist. 


In this episode of Talking RAW² we discuss…

  • 03:55 Indie awakening
  • 08:15 Beyoncé is fizzling out
  • 09:42 Black Woman Building a Business
  • 17:24 Ciara talks her new music
  • 17:36 Best advice for new artists today
  • 24:55 Being taken advantage of by industry figures, props to Joe Budden
  • 29:20 Music industry using sex as a tool for success
  • 38:40 Ciara on being a woman producer
  • 42:01 New project “Shake That Ass!”
  • 46:48 Bar 4 Bar freestyle

Broadcast Date: September 1, 2020

Season: 1

Episode: 1

Title: Ciara The Great

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